Our macadamia perfectly maintains the pure, natural flavour of the fresh nut: creamy, buttery, crunchy, slightly sweet, slightly salty and fragrant – simply irresistible!

What make our product unique and second to none?

A combination of flavor and fragrance:

  • With common roasting macadamia methods, the kernel normally needs to be exacted from its shell before being roasted. This method weakens the creamy taste of the kernel itself. Instead, our macadamia are roasted in-shell nuts. Our new technique allows us to roast the kernel when it is still inside the shell, which adds depth to both the texture and the flavor, and allows the nuts to compete with stronger flavors. Roasting macadamia nut releases their essential oils. This causes the nuts to become more fragrant and flavorful than in their raw state.

  • Our macamadias are irresistible not only because of its finest taste but also its special fragrance of macadamia.

 Enjoy cracking macadamia nut with your bare hands

  • The most competitive strength of our product lays on the fact that: everyone can easily use their bare hands to open a macadamia nut shell - the hardest nut shell in the world! No tool or special tip is required. No risk of injury could bother you when enjoying a macamadia moment.  

  • Unlike most macadamia nuts that are sawed off with a big visible groove in the center of their shells, it would take you a careful observation to realize that there are some extremely minor cracks (almost invisible) on our looked-like whole raw nuts.

We’ve spent 3 years finding a better ways to crack the world’s hardest nut. And it worked! By creating our own innovative technique, we are now able to supply the growing demand for premium, whole roasted macadamia nuts.

Known for long history for being crowned as “Queen of all nuts”, macadamia gets absolutely zero cholesterol at all, whereas, of course, naturally makes great high protein snacks with an excellent source of health-benefiting nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.

The unique thing of our nuts is that: they remain perfectly every purest natural flavor of fresh macadamias: creamy, buttery, crunchy, slightly sweet, slightly salty and fragrant - simply irresistible!