We’ve spent 3 years in Vietnam finding the best way to crack the world’s hardest nut. And we’ve done it!

Back to 2009, TBK Green Food was born from a passion.

As macadamia nuts are indeed the hardest nut in the world to crack, we had been spending 3 whole years expertly researching for a better way to crack this nut. We longed to invent an innovative cracking technique that:

- would not damage the kernel inside

- would not require a macadamia-specific tool such as a small metal

- would not saw a big groove into macadamia shell and leave some air

- would involve risk of injury

- and most importantly, would preserve exactly the purest taste of a bag of fresh raw macadamia nuts in the shell.




We are motivated by innovative techniques

After 3 years expertly doing research, our team finally made the dream come true. We successfully produced our very first product: an in-shell raw macadamia nut with quality and taste second to none!


As it was in the beginning, our company emphasis is always on searching for a breakthrough innovation - the creation of a truly new, highly valued product that could redefine the macadamias nut industry. That is what we offer our customer - a purest, freshest, finest macamadia nut with invisible minor cracks.




Since 2014, through numerous trips from Australia to Vietnam and vice versa, we have been continuously learning from Australian top industry experts. Nowhere else on earth that can provide us better knowledge about macamadia than in Australia - where this nut first evolved 60 million years ago. During the last 3 years, we have been kindly and passionately supported by Brice Kaddatz and Joyon Burnet who share a lifelong passion for macadamia nut with us.


The quality of our product has impressed a number of top farm owners and processors in Australia, which helps us to reach out international markets and build strong networks to new partners. One of our key partners is FNC Plantations - a sustainable and responsible farm in Australia.