Macadamia products of TBK Green Food are the creation on the method of planting and special processing in Macadamia industry which have entered the global market for 50 years.




The nut is a symbol for the vitality of a tree, as it contains all the most nourishing nutrition for the tree to keep on their reproduction. Macadamia nut is honored as “the queen of nuts” because of its outstanding properties.

Its kernel is hidden inside the world toughest nutshells, it could sprout through the tough protecting layer/shell to burgeon to start a new life. This is a strong and intensive vitality that Mother Nature hands to macadamia nuts.



We always pay attention to seeking the products with clear origin and good quality to serve our consumers. Our philosophy “Health in a nutshell” is the core of all operations: to maintain the quality of the raw nut from LAND to HAND, from FARM to CONSUMERS.




Our farm in Queensland, a home of macadamia, has a long-lasting reputation for the world-best location with ideal weather conditions for the development of macadamia trees. In a favorable weather condition, the sprouts will grow into big trees with dense branches and to have a long life.

Then, these trees in turn improve the ecosystem: shelters or source of food for birds, squirrels; holding water, soil, and minerals or helping store the amount of carbon in the environment etc.



Farmers are adopting different practices, and learning new method of cultivation. They now have stable jobs that brings long-term income and get the quality of their lives improved.


Innovative Techniques

Macadamia is sensitive with air and light. We have optimized the maximum 5-second process to minimize the exposing time of the kernels to the air and light which helps preserve the original taste of the nuts.